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2G/3G/4G Modem & Router

2G/3G/4G Modem & Router

With a wide range of modem and router models to choose from, your business and customer needs will be exceeded

Wireless Modules

Wireless Modules

Partnership with Gemalto allows superior modules to be integrated within our modems and routers ensuring robust wireless connectivity for many locations around the globe

eSam Cloud

eSam Cloud

eSAM Cloud management will allow all your remote and 3rd party located devices to be managed and monitored in real time, from any location

Design Services

Design Services

Custom applications, features and services you require for your customers can be delivered by our dedicated engineering team



No matter your networking setup and requirements, our modems and routers enable seamless connectivity between networks with a variety of VPN protocols to select from ensuring security is at the forefront of your service needs


Intercel is an Australian owned company, specialising within the design and manufacturing of industrial modems and routers for M2M and IoT services. Incorporated in 1988, we have had over 30 years’ experience within the M2M and IOT space enabling us to provide our customers with a wide option of products to select from to meet your business and customer needs.

With the adoption of the latest cellular technologies and protocols such as 3G/4G, CatM1 and NBIOT, Intercel is continuously researching and developing new and innovative technologies to integrate into our products, ensuring customers always have access to the latest technologies within this rapidly evolving industry. Intercel has also opened a new product line within the Connected Home domain, ensuring customers can benefit from the latest trending technologies and services within the smart home space.

Intercel pride themselves on experience, product quality and development, innovation and customer service support. We have made it our highest priority to maintain continuity and deliver our customers with cutting edge technologies and services within the M2M and IOT industry.

Our Product Series



Our Popular Products



The Intercel Smart SAM series of modems are well known and used widely wherever a cellular solution



SAM4 is a Cat 1 LTE Modem designed for M2M, IoT and remote metering applications.



The eSAM is a 4G LTE modem designed to provide a single remote device with internet access.

Ultra eSAM


Ultra eSAM is a robust 4G Wi-Fi Router for Industrial M2M/IoT applications.

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4G Modem Routers

Intercel’s SAM and eSAM series of modems provide reliable connectivity for remote metering, SCADA and communication with Serial or Ethernet devices. With an industrial temperature range and robust design, the eSAM modems are ideal for providing connectivity to critical equipment and systems.

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Intercel wireless Design Services can help accelerate ideas – from concept to connectivity. Start with proven experience and all the development tools and resources you’ll need.

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Ultra eSAM

  • Powerful cellular connectivity supporting 4G LTE
  • Industrial designed rugged enclosure with IP30 rating
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Embedded watchdog for auto recovery
  • Two Ethernet ports for networking flexibility

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Intercel is always in time with high efficiency, it saved time for the project delivery, thanks Intercel team.

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System
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The custom solution works faultlessly with the central software and helped us to complete an almost impossible mission

Metering & Communication Solutions Specialist

Metering & Communication Solutions Specialist

Using the Intercel platform materially sped up Aquanta’s speed to market. Excellent end user experience.

Product & Technology

Product & Technology

Intercel extensive expertise, breadth of IoT technology and experience with leading appliance brands made us confident their IoT infrastructure.

Culligan International

Culligan International